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Who We Are

Founded in 2018 as an outreach project for the Sanyo Rai Historical Site Museum, Hiroshima's Historiographers meets weekly to read and discuss Japanese history via academic journal articles and book excerpts related to the life and legacy of 頼 山陽Sanyo Rai (1780 - 1832) whose collection of Japanese folklore, published posthumously, was one of the most widely read books of the early modern period. Our aim is to inject the responsible study of history as an integral part of the peace culture here. Japanese who wish to polish their English language narratives about their heritage should join, as well as Anglophones who wish to learn more about Japanese history together with native Japanese. At our weekly workshops we take turns reading & discussing successively from articles and book excerpts, Japanese history in English, immersively. Visitors to Hiroshima who happen to be in town during the days we meet are especially encouraged to attend, as a way to meet locals in an atmosphere where they can explore deeper discussions and share their impressions. Expats and locals are also generously welcomed.

meetup  Hiroshima's Historiographers

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